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Get a Better Tan with Theory Tanning Lotion

Theory Tanning Lotion is a good choice for anyone looking to get a darker, more even tan. While the sun may help your skin darken on its own to a certain extent, most people have a hard time getting the … Continue reading

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Ultimate Color With Luminary Tanning Lotion

Using luminary tanning lotion it has never been easier to get that perfect golden tan. There are so many tanning lotions available in the world today it might seem hard to find one that really performs. Luminary tanning lotion can … Continue reading

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The Beauty Of Using Supernatural Tanning Lotion

Supernatural tanning lotion is one of a number of products out there that help to improve the tan of those who use it. So,what separates this product from all the others? The way that it works! After you try this … Continue reading

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Get A Beautiful Bronze Glow With The White 2 Black Tanning Lotion

Make everyone think that you have stepped off from a plane straight from an exotic holiday by getting yourself a gorgeous tan by using tanning lotion. If you are looking for a tanning lotion that will take you there, then … Continue reading

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Get The Ultamate Tanning Experience With Designer Skin Tanning Lotions

Designer Skin is well known in the tanning industry for carrying large line of tanning lotion products with only the highest quality ingredients to provide the most effective tanning experience. All products made by this company are enriched with vitamins, … Continue reading

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Black Sunshine Tanning Lotion, A Possible Answer To Your Problems

There is no need to mention how thousands of people around the world are openly and secretly yearning for a well-tanned, bronze and powerfully colored skin, often through using tanning lotion – the figures speak for themselves. Whilst some people … Continue reading

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Supre-Prism: A Tanning Lotion That Suits You

Supre- Prism is a brand of tanning lotion that is considered among the best. It is necessary that anyone who wants to buy a tanning lotion must go in for a lotion that is suitable to his or her skin … Continue reading

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An Overview of John Abate – Titanium Tanning Lotion

John Abate International is one of the leading players in the skin care and tanning products segment and its Titanium tanning lotion with Tingle Factor 3+ has taken the market by storm. Like all other products of this range, John … Continue reading

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Experience Australian Gold – Sex Magnet Tanning Lotion

If you have pale skin and are contemplating using a self-tanning lotion to get a golden glow without exposing yourself to the risk of burning your skin or turning red, Australian Gold’s self-tanning products are a safe bet for you. … Continue reading

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Discover Ultimate Lithium Tanning Lotion

Ultimate¬† Lithium is a hot, new tingle Bronzer tanning lotion from Ultimate Tanning, the tanning experts. Glowing skin and the darkest tan will be yours when you make use of this product. With its extreme 100x levels of Tingle and … Continue reading

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