Supre-Prism: A Tanning Lotion That Suits You

Supre - Prism tanning lotionSupre- Prism is a brand of tanning lotion that is considered among the best. It is necessary that anyone who wants to buy a tanning lotion must go in for a lotion that is suitable to his or her skin type. It is also necessary that such lotions contain an anti-ageing ingredient that will pamper the skin. Such ingredients that help in this are the natural ones like aloe vera, hemp seed and C0Q-10 that nourish the skin. Tanning lotions should also contain ingredients that boost collagen and elastin production.

People with very pale skin or one that is very sensitive are best advised to use a basic accelerator if they are using a tanning solution for the first time. They can also use a type of lotion that is called the tingle. It is most effective for tanning and stimulates the skin to cause a reddish color. One does require some patience and fortitude when applying this as it causes an itchy and burning feeling for a few hours. People who have used tanning solutions in the past may prefer to go in for immediate or delayed bronzers. This is a tinted solution and must be applied very evenly for the best effect. Care must be taken to wipe the hands properly after the application as it could other wise lead to hands getting stained. Tanning solution to be applied on the face is different from the one that is applied on the body. This is necessary due to the fact that skin on the face is thinner and much more sensitive. A high moisturizer content is also a must for a tanning lotion and will always be a part of Supre- Prism. Tanning does tend to dry up the skin and this is where the moisturizer will prevent the skin from drying.

The best brands of tanning solution including Supre- Prism do not come cheap, and the skin is something that is so sensitive, that effect and safety is what one should look for before buying any brand of tanning lotion. Tanning lotions are different for use outdoors and indoors. You also need to be sure of the skin type you have before you decide on a tanning lotion. Skin types can be oily, dry or a combination of the two. The skin tone also plays a vital part in such a choice depending on whether the skin is fair, deep or medium. The depth of tan that you are wanting to acquire can also decide on the best tanning solution. Most products assure you of a tan that can last for a maximum of ten days and any longer period will require reapplication of the product. The use of soaps and other lotions can also cause a tan to fade quickly.


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