Discover Ultimate Lithium Tanning Lotion

Ultimate-Lithium tanning lotionUltimate  Lithium is a hot, new tingle Bronzer tanning lotion from Ultimate Tanning, the tanning experts. Glowing skin and the darkest tan will be yours when you make use of this product. With its extreme 100x levels of Tingle and Bronzing, Ultimate Theory’s unique formula can help you achieve the perfect look to win compliments wherever you go.

Ultimate – Lithium is the superior new offering from Ultimate Tanning. Its main ingredients include sesame, hemp, Shea butter and carrot oil. It has a blue grape fragrance and contains and tingle and a bronzer. You can apply the product generously to your whole body prior to exposing yourself to the sun. While using the product, you must not allow it to come in contact with your eyes; also, you should wash your hands after applying this tanning lotion.

Ingredients such as Shea butter and carrot oil can help moisturize your skin to make it look hot and supple. With the help of this tanning solution, you will look like as if you have just stepped in from the beach even if you reside in the coldest area on the earth. This product lets you do your own skin tanning within the confines of your home. There is no need to pray for a bright day or lie down for hours beneath the sun with tanning lotion on. Ultimate Theory with its unique formula can be trusted to make your whole tanning process easy with the desired results!

Ultimate – Lithium

Ultimate Lithium is a positive Ion 75x Bronzer that contains a mix of silicone and natural bronzers for effective and lasting results. Its unique anti aging, biotanning with UV amplifying and complexion balancing formula can help you achieve a darker and deeper tan with minimal effort and time. Get ready to flaunt your looks by harnessing the power of the positive charged tanning and bronzing particles contained in this product.

The main ingredients in Ultimate Lithium tanning lotion include Soy, Red Algae, CoQ10, Collagen, Caffeine, Caviar Extract, carrot oil and seaweed. The product also contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin E and oyster extract to help you achieve a youthful glow and appearance. The ingredients such as carrot oil and seaweed help in eradicating fine lines and wrinkles and they have superior anti aging properties. Ultimate Lithium has a citrus mist fragrance and contains a bronzer. You should apply the product evenly and generously to your entire body prior to UV exposure.

Thanks to the advancements in technology and science, you can achieve a beautiful tan easily and safely with products such as Ultimate Lithium. While these tanning lotions help you reap a lot of benefits, You must take care to use these products in moderation.


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Fiesta Sun-Chocolate Twist Tini tanning lotion

Chocolate Twist Tini tanning lotionFiesta Sun has an amazing line of indoor tanning lotions, one of the all time favorites happens to be Fiesta Sun- Chocolate Twist Tini – Heavenly Pure Decadence In A Bottle. This tanning lotion is coveted by indoor tanners because of its unique blend of natural ingredients that promote anti-aging properties. This is hard to find in a lotion, but Fiesta Sun has done it again! Chocolate Twist Tini has Extra Virgin Olive Oil which happens to be one of the best natural moisturizers that Mother Nature has to offer. Using natural moisturizers or any other natural product is especially good for your skin, just one use of this tanning lotion will have you hooked on Fiesta Sun forever!

Not only does the Chocolate Twist Tini tanning lotion have anti-aging properties, a natural moisturizer, but it also has the ability to offer the user a level of skin firming capabilities not commonly found in other tanning products. This tanning lotion seems awesome so far right? Well it gets better; Fiesta Sun just could not stop at making a great lotion, they had to make it absolutely superb! Not only is this lotion great for you, it is also streak free, stain free and is offered at a price that nearly all indoor tanners can afford.

Fiesta Sun specializes in making lotions for those who use indoor tanning lotions, and their lotions are superior to others because they blend natural ingredients to supply a supple dark tan that is not only natural in color, but long lasting and full of moisture. After all, a tan looks its best when kept well moisturized, having an ample dose of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in each bottle of their lotion offers tanners decadence in a bottle.

Skin is always thirsty, especially once it tastes a sweet cocktail of a tanning lotion such as the Chocolate Tini, one session with this lotion and your skin will be quenched and craving another 20 minute tanning session at your favorite spa or in the privacy of your home. Tanners are always seeking a lotion that can not only serve up a beautiful dark tan, but one that is designed for those who already have a base tan and are ready to turn the heat up. This lotion is not for new tanners, a base tan is recommended to avoid severe burning and to promote the ingredients main purpose, to give you the tan that will not only turn heads, but keep all eyes on you.

A rich deep bronzer such as Fiesta Sun-Chocolate Twist Tini is heaven in a bottle; tanners that use this product keep coming back for more when they see the difference in their skin, and benefit from its natural anti-aging formula. Try a bottle today, see the difference natural ingredients make and quench your skin while preventing the doom of aging, notice your skin firming up, and become hooked on this fabulous lotion.


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Hawaiian Tropic-SPF Tanning Lotions

Hawaiian Tropic Tanning LotionWhatever your tanning needs may be, Hawaiian Tropic has tanning lotions formulated that will fulfill them. They have an incredible variety of SPF tanning lotions and tanning oils with various formulations such as 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 SPF indexes for great tanning, while offering protection from ultraviolet radiation. There are also higher SPF formulations that are effective sun blockers for those with fair skin, or who may be otherwise at-risk for skin cancer. The products are often available at your local drugstore although you may pay full price. Hawaiian Tropic prices are extremely reasonable and include other skin-care products to moisturize and replenish you skin from sun’s damaging rays.

Hawaiian Tropic-SPF tanning lotions are noted for their terrific scent, which invoke island breezes and the exotic botanical scents of tropical islands. Many claim that they re-apply the tanning lotion frequently just for the heavenly perfume. It is extremely water-resistant and gently nourishes the skin with antioxidant protection. They are infused with mango, shea and cocoa butters to moisturize the skin. Active ingredients include Avobenzone, Oxybenzone and Octocrylene for tanning and SPF protection. The SPF-protection index varies enormously for various skin types and you can consult online charts to determine which product is best for you. The lower numbers provide less protection from ultraviolet rays, but offer the greatest aid for tanning. Moderate numbers like 8 or 10 give great protection, but also allow you to tan well.

Higher numbers such as 30, 45 or greater are considered sun blockers and offer maximum protection from ultraviolet radiation. For those with fair skin, who burn very easily, these allow them to enjoy the sun and beach without developing nasty burns.

Tanning oils allow you to get the darkest color for your skin type. For the darkest tan you may choose SPF 0. The oils contain antioxidants, which help your skin fight free radicals that damage and age your skin. These include Vitamins A, C and E. The oils are a mixture of natural products with protective skin compounds and conditioners. They have the natural bouquet of coconut and will generally allow a darker tan than a comparable SPF lotion.

From Tanning lotions to other sun related products:

Lip balms with great sun block SPF protection are available, as are after-care lotions and moisturizers. You can order any of these fine tanning products online individually of in case lots for greater savings. Reviews are glowing, receiving some of the best reviews in the industry, especially for the delightful scents that invoke the tropics. Hawaiian Tropic-SPF offers a formulation that will suit your skin type, allowing you to tan safely. You can choose from the maximum tanning formulations or select creams and tanning lotions that offer complete protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays.


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Most – Absolute Bronzing Cocktail Tanning Lotion

Absolute Bronzing Cocktail tanning lotionWhen on the lookout for a tanning lotion, you can be baffled by the plethora of choice available. A healthy tan is a glowing testimony to an active lifestyle, hours of which are spent outdoors playing sports. It is also a defining feature of most of today’s celebrities. This article talks about Most- Absolute Bronzing Cocktail.  Covered within the next paragraphs are the ingredients, results and price of Most Absolute Bronzing Cocktail.

Coming from the cosmetic brand Most, the Most- Absolute Bronzing cocktail is a self-tanner tanning lotion that delivers a glowing tan. Most is regarded by many as the king of bronzers and self-tanning lotions.  Most is best known for its Most 24 CTU Formula Bronzer, which is the 8th bestselling bronzer of all times. The Absolute Bronzing Cocktail is the latest offering from this bronzing genius. With its type of ingredients and initial market response, it is on its way of becoming one of the best-loved bronzer tanning lotions.

Most- Absolute Bronzing Cocktail is made from skin-friendly ingredients. It is a premium bronzer with speed color results. The formula is enhanced with Oxysomes. It contains encapsulated anti-oxidants like Vitamin A and Vitamin C for skin protection. It also has a special moisture formulation which keeps the skin healthy, soft and supple even after extensive tanning.

The most wonderful part about Most- Absolute Bronzing Cocktail is the science behind this bronzer.  Human skin consists of melanin cells. Under the sunlight, melanin cells are activated and produce melanin in order to protect the skin from sun’s damage. This production of melanin causes a darkening of skin tone. An intelligent bronzer, Most- Absolute Bronzing Cocktail activates skin’s melanin cells to naturally produce a gradient in the skin shade. Since the melanin cells are activated, the tan developed is even in tone. Additionally, natural melanin activation implies that it can be used for all skin tones. The skin’s melanin is a self-regulating chemical. The melanin activators used in the formula include Protovanol and Tyrosine. When you put on Absolute Bronzing Cocktail, you are not merley smothering makeup over your face; you are making your skin produce melanin and hence develop a quick tan.

Undoubtedly one of the best self-tanning lotions, Most- Absolute Bronzing Cocktail will speed up the clock. You can buy a single-use pack for $4.29. The bottle is priced at $44 for 13.5 oz of this tanning lotion. It is available at a number of online as well as ground stores. If you buy it online, the combined shipping weight will come around to 15.2 ounces. It will protect you from the potential damage of actual tanning under UVA and UVB exposure while delivering equitable results. Shaped like an oriental genie’s bottle, Most- Absolute Bronzing Cocktail tanning lotion indeed is bottled magic!


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Swedish Beauty – Amaretto Tanning Lotion Review

Swedish Beauty - Amaretto tanning lotionSwedish Beauty – Amaretto is an indoor tanning lotion with shimmering, triple action bronzers to give you immediate results. After tanning, you will have dark tan  with a touch of shimmer that will last for 5 to 7 days. This is a versatile lotion that is safe to use with all indoor tanning beds, outdoor tanning, and works well for tanners of all levels. When using this product for outdoor tanning, be sure to use sunscreen as well to avoid burning, as this Amaretto lotion does not contain an SPF.

What makes Swedish Beauty – Amaretto tanning lotion stand out:

There are many benefits to using Swedish Beauty – Amaretto for your tanning needs. This lotion is enriched with several vitamins and other nutrients. One of the best ingredients added to this lotion is the CellMoist, which provides a deep moisturizer and skin firming effect and allows for a much smoother application, without leaving those unsightly nasty streaks.

Triple bronzer’s gives you a dark, rich tan with just one use that will last up to a week before fading. Because the bronzer is iridescent, they will not stain your clothing after tanning like some of the other known brands do. However, you may want to wash your hands after applying the lotion to keep them from staining. This step should be taken with any tanning lotion that contains a bronzer. Baby wipes are convenient and work well for removing lotion from your hands.

Finally, the biggest advantage to this lotion is the fact that you can still enjoy your day afterwards. Swedish Beauty has added the wonderful scent of oatmeal almond to this product. What this means is, after you leave the tanning bed you will not have that burnt tanning bed kind of smell. You will not need to run home to shower before you continue to enjoy your nice summer day. Instead, your skin will soft, have a golden tan with a touch of shimmer, and smell great. Life for the indoor tanner just does not get any better than that.

With all the benefits that the Swedish Beauty – Amaretto tanning lotion has to offers, any tanner would agree when we say  that this is one of the greatest products that Swedish Beauty has on the market. There are many high dollar designer brands out there that many tanning salon’s will try to get you to buy. Amaretto  offers many of the same results without breaking the bank. Do not allow anyone to trick you into thinking that you need to spend a fortune on over priced designer tanning lotion in order to have a beautiful dark tan this summer. Be a smart shopper by getting  the tanning results that you want  without paying high prices. With the money you save by purchasing Swedish Beauty Amaretto, you can afford to head out to the beach with a beautiful tan that glows.


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Supre Tanning Lotions

Carnivale tanning lotionSupre-Carnivale is only one lotion available in an exclusive line of tanning lotions created by Supre.  With so many superb tanning lotions available in different categories, most consumers favor more than one of the Supre products.  One of the latest additions to the Supre collection is Supre-Carnivale which contains superoxide dismutase, as well as soybean peroxidase.  With black walnut shell extracts and DHA self-tanning bronzers, this lotion darkens skin without the aid of direct sunlight, while also firming and toning skin.  It also helps eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.  Keep in mind that this particular lotion is for advanced tanners, so beginners must get a tan base before using this tanning lotion.

Supre has can be broken down into 15 collections, with each collection providing superior ingredients and exclusive formulas.  The collections are: the Luxury, the Tattoo, the Indulgence, the Opulence, the Black, the Sassy, the Sweet & Sexy, the Domination, the Affection, the Darling, the Delicious, the Impact, the Supre Classics, the Natural Classics and My Bronze Collection.  With so many collections and so many products available within each collection, key points will be mentioned, which will intrigue you enough to find out more about these quality products.

The Luxury is a Limited Edition collection extraordinaire with three premier choices, where each one contains 24 karat liquid gold and diamond dust, but has bronzing systems of varying strengths. The Luxx Diamond has a 30x bronzing system with tan extension technology and the Luxx Black adds rare Black Pearl and a 50x Black bronzing formulation.  The Tattoo collection has two tanning lotions with a 20x Bronzer and 20x Hot Bronzer, with the latter using an advanced skin stimulant.  Both blend vitamin D, pomegranate, goji and acai berries.  The Indulgence carries two lotions, both made with MelanoMax and AgeDefy NINE.  The former helps with melanin synthesis stimulation and the latter is a formulation that includes 9 of each antioxidants, proteins-amino acid, vitamins and minerals.  Honeydew, coffee bean extract prolongs the tan in both.

There are far too many lotions to expound upon here, as you can see from the list of collections, but each category offers alluring fragrances, from floral to coconut and avocado, as well as various other ingredients that make each formula unique.  There are two categories to include here, such as the Domination and the Natural Classics formulas.  The Domination has two formulas that are specifically made to meet the needs of men’s skin, with either the tan maximize or the advanced ‘black bronzing’ blend to maximize color density, with an emulsion system that will not matte hair.  The Natural Classic collection is for those who desire gluten-free, chemical-free, paraben-free, organic, botanical formulations.

Green tea and pomegranate are in each blend, which are natural botanical antioxidants.  The formulas are all 93% all-natural and are 100% vegan.  This introduction to Supre products reveals the foresight Supre Tan put into making their formulas, in order to meet individual expectations for tanning lotions.  If Supre products are new to you, start with Supre-Carnivale, their latest edition; the formula made for advanced users (not beginners), who already have a base tan.


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Discover The Supre-Ocho Bronzing System

Supre-OchoSupre-Ocho is a tanning/ bronzing system that features the Continuous Color Complex TM and natural bronzers for a natural summer glow. The lotion’s bronzing continuators ensure rapid changes in color to give users a natural darker skin color. It also contains ingredients that protect the skin from free radicals that can cause skin damage. Perfect for the summer, this tanning lotion is affordable enough to last you for the entire summer compared to more expensive tanning lotions. It also does not deliver any uneven streaking and spotting that are commonly seen even in costlier brands.

Why Supre-Ocho Works
One of the reasons why Supre-Ocho gets a lot of good reviews from satisfied users is that it moisturizes as well as gives you a smooth and even tan. You can also take the lotion off a few hours after tanning so there is no problem about streaking the bed sheets or suffering from odor that most tanning lotions come with. The lotion contains a number of skin benefits as a result of the lime and orange blossom infusions which protects the skin from free radicals. Affordability is another advantage. Supre-Ocho is cheaper compared to other tanning lotions and also comes with an assortment of fragrances, including vanilla and citrus sorbet.

Important Features
Important features of this tanning product include its D8 Dark Smooth Bronzer with 3 part tanning blend for a natural color. This works by elevating the skin’s tanning activity through increased melanin production. This is complimented by the 5-part Continuous Color Complex, which ensures no uneven spots which can be noticeable in people with pale skin. The Continuous Color Complex continues to darken the skin for up to 12 hours of UV exposure and produces a flawless, golden color that lasts for up to 8 days. Natural oils and extracts of lime   provide a powerful antioxidant action to keep skin looking naturally healthy. The product comes with other natural oil extracts such as macadamia nut oil vanilla bean and bergamot extracts in a soothing blend to cool the skin down and to add moisture. To protect the skin from the effects of pollution, the product comes with  Hibiscus, ginkgo, and orange blossom extracts that strengthen the skin cells allowing them to withstand stress and damage better.

Supre-Ocho is an affordable bronzing and tanning lotion that delivers the same luxurious bnefits as more expensive tanners. Aside from giving users that healthy golden glow, the product also comes with skin care ingredients that protect the skin from free radical damage and stress. With its D8 Smooth Bronzer and Continuous Color Complex users can sport smooth and flawless tropical tan on healthy skin for as long as 8 days without streaking or spotting.


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California Tan – X Power Bronzer Tanning Lotion

tanning lotionIf you are looking for a tanning lotion to maximize your tanning results as well as get quicker results, you should consider using California Tan – X Power Bronzer.  With so many tanning lotions to choose from, you may have a hard time making your choice.  This powerful product makes it possible to achieve better results, and makes it a leader against the competition.  With a few uses, you will see changes in your appearance and will notice a more vibrant tan.  Take a look at below, to learn more about this tanning lotion.

Why this tanning lotion is so good:

This is a popular tanning lotion because it gives users results that will last.  If you are sick of bronzers that do not deliver, you will be ready for this beneficial change. This tanning lotion not only gives impressive results, but the results are able to last for a significant period of time.  This means that as you continue to tan, your results will only last longer and look even better.

What’s in this tanning lotion:

This product has a variety of ingredients that make it possible to get great results. This includes Cu02, TRF2000, Lutein, and Biosaccharide Complex.  You will find that each of these ingredients help to make your skin look younger and healthier. They also help to give your skin the oxygen that is needed, so that you are able to maximize your tanning results. Additionally, there is a great scent that comes from using this tanning lotion.  Many other tanning lotions have a bad smell that make you want to discontinue use.

Why you should try this tanning lotion:

Many people give this tanning lotion a try because of the way it makes the skin feel.  You will not feel harsh or sensitive feelings when using this product. Other lotions may leave the skin feeling uncomfortable. There are nutrient and vitamins included in the product, so that your skin gets the care that it deserves. This can allow you to look and feel healthier on a regular basis, and can make you feel more comfortable continuing the use of this product.

This product does not contain sun protection.  It is a bronzer that will allow you to improve your tan, as you use the sun’s rays to get the look that you are after. It is important to remember that there is no form of sun protection, so that you do not over-tan or cause damage to your skin.

If you are looking to improve your current tanning technique, you should consider using California Tan – X Power Bronzer.  This lotion will allow you to improve your current tanning results so that your tan looks fuller and more consistent. You will also notice that your skin feels more comfortable. Do not settle for another tanning lotion that will give you unreliable results.

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Solid Black Tanning Lotion Review

Millennium- Solid Black

If you have extremely fair skin and are looking for a
tanning solution in the market that will offer you a rich dark tan rather than
a Jersey Shore Snooki orange, you may want to pick up a bottle of Millennium-
Solid Black from the market. This advanced Silicone Bronzer utilizes the
Auto-Darkening technology for tanning and offers instant coloring to the skin without causing any uncomfortable tingling sensation. In order to get the best results with this product, it is important that you exfoliate your skin while taking a shower and apply the tanning lotion evenly all over your body after that.

Ingredient list of Millennium- Solid Black

The best part about this lotion is that its formulation not only includes FDA approved DHA for tanning the skin but natural moisturizers as well that nourish the skin and make it soft while leaving behind a pleasant Orchid Blush fragrance. The hydrating ingredients present in Millennium- Solid Black help the tan stay longer and prevent the skin from drying out.

Other ingredients that you will find listed on the label of this product are Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract, Juglans Regia (Walnut) Seed Oil, Musa Sapientum (Banana) Fruit Extract and Cucumis Melo (Melon) Fruit Extract. These skin-firming agents help in improving the health of the skin and leave it feeling super smooth and taut.

In addition to that, caffeine, Salix Alba (Willow) Bark
Extract, Potassium Caproyl Tyrosine, Soy Amino Acids and water present in this lotion help in fighting cellulite and other visible signs of aging such as sagging skin and excessive dryness. Thus, all the components used for making this tan enhancer or bronzer are aimed at providing a healthy brown tan and for pampering the skin of the user.

Since Millennium- Solid Black does not come with any SPF
protection, you should wear a sunscreen when you plan to stay out in the sun to offer necessary protection to your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun and to avoid getting sunburn. Moreover, even those tanning lotions that come with an in-built SPF only help protect the skin while the tan is developing and not later.

Follow the instructions to use 

In case you want to try out Millennium- Solid Black before
loosening your purse strings for its 400 ml bottle, you can get its 20 ml pack and see the results for yourself. In order to get the best results from this product, you should follow the instructions to use printed on the package. Take a generous amount of the lotion in your palms and apply it evenly all over the body. Be careful to avoid any contact with the eyes and wash your hands thoroughly after application.


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Devoted Creations- Reborn Couture For Ultimate Bronzing

devoted creationsDevoted Creation – Reborn Couture is an indoor tanning productthat was first developed for the 2010 season. It uses both natural ingredients and those developed by the latest scientific technology to ensure the darkest tans. When you want to provide powerful protection for your time in the sun or get indoor tanning results quickly, then this is the ideal product for you.

Devoted Creations gives a Dark Tan

When you use this product in the sun you will achieve the darkest tan ever. Acai oil is a natural ingredient that has antioxidants for skin protection and helps your skin fight the free radicals that cause it to age, in addition to promoting great tanning. Cocoa butter works well with Ceramide 2 complex, a scientifically engineered compound, to ensure that skin remains hydrated to combat sun damage. They accomplish this by creating a moisture barrier that locks in the moisture, so your skin feels velvety smooth all day. When skin is well hydrated, you get a more intense tan. Silicone Emulsion is another important ingredient that moisturizes and ensures the effects last throughout the day. It makes the skin smooth and supple.

Reborn Couture Free Samples

Free samples are available online as well as some special offers. You can find better prices than the standard retail when you shop online for Reborn Couture. The product invokes a rebel quality in its marketing strategy, for those who want to display the deepest tans. However, due to the protection it offers, you can still safeguard your skin from the sun’s harsh rays while getting an incredibly dark tan.

The bottle is shaped to resemble a genie bottle. The word ‘Reborn’ is in a gold font, and Couture is in a stylized font of bright orange. The lotion itself is a teal shade of blue, and purple and black highlights on the bottle achieve an attractive effect. In addition to use in the sun, it can be applied for indoor bronzing as well and is excellent for use in the tanning bed.

It receives 4 out of 5 stars from customer reviews, which is a great rating for tanning products, for which people are known to be very opinionated. You can get a great tan after only one use. By using it twice a week, you can have a tan that lasts year round. Many customers attest that it is the best tanning product they have ever used.

You can find Devoted Creations- Reborn Couture at many online websites, including When you want to sport a deep tan throughout the year, or obtain the darkest tan you have ever achieved, this is the product you should try. It has a clean fresh fragrance and will leave your skin feeling luxurious both in and out of the sun.

reborn couture

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