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Austrian Gold Sex Magnet Tanning LotionIf you have pale skin and are contemplating using a self-tanning lotion to get a golden glow without exposing yourself to the risk of burning your skin or turning red, Australian Gold’s self-tanning products are a safe bet for you. This Australia-based company has been manufacturing a range of indoor tanning lotions, bronzers and advanced skin care products for the last two decades and was the official sponsor of Miss USA pageant for 2011. The bronzers manufactured by this company are especially popular in the market as they offer a deep and rich tan when applied over the base tan. One of the top-selling products in this range is Australian Gold- Sex Magnet that offers a rich caramel color to the skin of the user and makes him or her irresistible to the opposite sex. This tanning lotion is an immediate bronzer worth trying.

What is Australian Gold- Sex Magnet?

Australian Gold- Sex Magnet is essentially a fifth dimension bronzer that is designed to deliver a deep dark color that most tanners want. It comes with a longer lasting formula that ensures that the tan will stay in place for as long as 8 days. This fortified formula also offers instant tanning that gets deeper over the next few hours after application.

What are the key ingredients present in Australian Gold- Sex Magnet?

One of the main ingredients present in this bronzer is Lycopene extract. This carotenoid is responsible for the red color of several fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, watermelons and red oranges and is a powerful anti oxidant as well. Thus, this tanning lotion not only helps in achieving a dark natural tan but also neutralizes the effect of free radicals on the skin and fights various signs of premature aging.

This immediate bronzer is loaded with several other nutrients and minerals as well that are essential to maintain healthy and glowing skin. In addition to that, the intense action moisturizers present in Australian Gold- Sex Magnet keep the skin hydrated and make it satin soft and smooth. The rich green tea and cactus pear fragrance of this bronzer is extremely refreshing and aids in catching the attention of the opposite sex. Moreover, it helps in masking the odor of self-tanners and leaves the person smelling invigorating to say the least.

Directions for using Australian Gold- Sex Magnet

Australian Gold- Sex Magnet should be applied over the base tan to get the best results. It is further recommended that you do not shower immediately after applying it as it takes a few hours to work on the skin and to impart a dark rich tone that you desire. Since this tanning lotion does not come with any built-in sun protection, remember to wear sunscreen over it to protect your skin against the damaging UV rays.


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