An Overview of John Abate – Titanium Tanning Lotion

John Abate - Titanium tanning lotionJohn Abate International is one of the leading players in the skin care and tanning products segment and its Titanium tanning lotion with Tingle Factor 3+ has taken the market by storm. Like all other products of this range, John Abate- Titanium also comes boosted with the goodness of all natural vitamins, minerals and botanicals that nourish the skin cells while stimulating the production of Keratin to achieve a dark and rich tan.

All the ingredients used in this tanning lotion are of premium quality and combined according to a European formula. John Abate – Titanium tanning enhancer uses minimum amount of preservatives to ensure the health of the skin and at the same time helps in maintaining proper PH balance and cellular hydration. Thus, with the use of this product, you can get a healthy, even and long-lasting tan.

Ingredients that you will find in John Abate- Titanium

This tanning lotion contains high concentration of vitamins and oxygen fuelled tanning accelerating agents that work to achieve a rich and dark tan. The deep tanning action that this product offers is accompanied with a tingling sensation that indicates that the product has gone to work. The silky smooth texture of this tanning lotion helps in even application of the product and leaves behind a wonderful smell of the sea kelp that induces a feeling of freshness.

The key ingredients present in this formulation include Vitamins A, E and B-Complex that act along with the skin oxygenators to provide quick and efficient tanning results. This tanning lotion also contains Tyrosine, a melanin enhancing amino acid that speeds up the tanning process and stimulates the microcirculation of the human skin color pigment to impart a deep and radiant tan.

Since the tanning lotion contains bronzers as well, it is extremely important to avoid contact with eyes and to wash your hands thoroughly after using it. In addition, it is highly recommended that you wear sunscreen over it, as it does not offer any SPF protection.

The tingling sensation associated with John Abate – Titanium

The tingling that sensation accompanied with this tanning enhancer is perfectly normal though it may take some time for a first time user to get used to the same. The tingling is caused by the intense stimulation of the epidermal layer of the skin upon the application of the lotion. This lasts only for a few minutes and may be associated with slight reddening of the skin.

However, the intensity of the same can be reduced significantly by ensuring that there is a gap of at least an hour or more between showering or exercising and the use of this lotion. John Abate- Titanium comes in an attractive package and has a pump nozzle that aids in easy dispensing of the lotion.


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