Jwoww Tanning Lotion

Well we all know Jwoww, but did you know about Jwoww Tanning Lotion??? You can learn more about all her products in the video below and find the perfect lotion for you. The Jwoww tanning line is by Australian Gold so you know quality is top notch! We have a wide selection of Jwoww lotion and 1,000’s of other products. If you do not see something just email us sales@tanninglotionoutlet.com We will find whatever it is you need.

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Jwoww Tanning Lotion
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Jwoww 50X
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Jwoww Mad Heat Lotion
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Jwoww One & Done Lotion
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Jwoww Private Reserve
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Jwoww Wedding White Bronzer
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Watch Jwoww Talk About Her Tanning Line

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Get a Better Tan with Theory Tanning Lotion

Theory Tanning Lotion is a good choice for anyone looking to get a darker, more even tan. While the sun may help your skin darken on its own to a certain extent, most people have a hard time getting the exact shade that they desire. When you want more than just a bronzed look, it is time to start using a tanning lotion.


tanning lotion

tanning lotion


Tanning lotions have a variety of benefits. First, they help protect your skin when you are tanning. We all know that UV rays can be harmful, but with a good lotion, you will pick up color much faster, shortening your time in the sun. Not only is this beneficial, but the oils contained in the lotion are extremely good for your sun and help to protect it and keep it young and supple looking.


Theory Tanning Lotion contains a variety of different oils to please the skin. These include hemp and carrot oils, as well as Shea butter, which helps keep the skin very soft. It also helps prevent any damage that could be caused by the sun’s rays. These oils are also pleasant to the touch and enhance the bronzing effect of the sun’s rays. Theory Tanning Lotion has a pleasant aroma of Blue Grape, as well, so you smell lovely while in the sun.


To effectively use this tanning lotion, apply it just before going out into the sun, being careful not to miss any areas, as you could end up with an uneven tan that way. It may help to have someone else help you smooth this lotion on your skin.


Tanning lotion can be used anywhere you might want to tan. This includes your backyard, the pool or even the beach. Just remember to reapply if you take a dip. The lotion can wash off in the water, though it is water resistant.


Theory Tanning Lotion is a good choice for anyone who wants to tan faster and darker. For a very smooth, even tan, adding lotion to your skin before heading out into the sun to bronze. Check your coloring on a regular basis so you do not overdo it and if need be, reapply the tanning lotion. Shorter tanning sessions can be beneficial.


tanning lotion

tanning lotion

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Ultimate Color With Luminary Tanning Lotion

Using luminary tanning lotion it has never been easier to get that perfect golden tan. There are so many tanning lotions available in the world today it might seem hard to find one that really performs. Luminary tanning lotion can give you the dark color that you have always wanted during summer and spring.


tanning lotion

tanning lotion



Ingredients inside of the luminary tanning lotion will equip your skin so it can become as dark as possible. Inside of this powerful tanning lotion is solar silicone emulsion. The main purpose of these ingredients is to give you an even tan while helping to keep your skin hydrated.

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Keeping your skin glistening and healthy is easy with this tanning lotion. The L.E.D complex inside of this lotion that is light engaged will fully protect your skin. Inside of this lotion there are free radicals to give your skin the best protection that is possible.


After using this lotion you can easily show off your soft, bronzed, and beautiful skin to friends and family. The ingredients inside of this lotion will give you the best skin color possible. Soft celestial stardust that is blended into the luminary tanning lotion will give you the softest skin you have ever had.


Once you have applied this lotion to your body you can expect very soft skin that will last for an incredibly long period of time. This lotion is the best and it is made by the best which is why you can always expect the absolute best results by using it. Immediately after applying this lotion to your skin you will feel an amazing soft and silky feeling.

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The smell of this lotion is just as amazing as all of the other parts of it. Luminary tanning lotion will never make your skin feel greasy and disgusting. Luminary tanning lotion is also incredible for individuals that have sensitive skin.


It doesn’t matter what kind of skin you have, you are sure to enjoy this amazing tanning lotion. With this tanning lotion there is no chance of skin breakouts or rashes, ever. No other tanning lotion can offer you the absolutely beautiful tan that the luminary tanning lotion can apply to your skin.


tanning lotion

tanning lotion

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The Beauty Of Using Supernatural Tanning Lotion

Supernatural tanning lotion is one of a number of products out there that help to improve the tan of those who use it. So,what separates this product from all the others? The way that it works! After you try this product, you will be convinced that there is nothing better.


tanning lotion

tanning lotion

This product is a heat lotion, but it is non-tingle. Most do not even notice it when they are tanning. However, it is not uncommon to feel as if certain parts of the skin are burnt after leaving the bronzing bed. Just remember that this does not mean that there is a burn, but rather that it is a heat product. Keep this in mind when you are using this product so that you are not surprised by it.


Since Supernatural tanning lotion contains fifty different bronzers, it is no wonder that the product shows results after even just one use. A trial packet is a great way to give the product a shot, but these are too expensive to purchase over and over again each time you go for a tan. This is why it is more money conscious to purchase the larger bottle.


One other thing to keep in mind is that some of the areas of the body that naturally produce more heat may be effected some by the fact that this is a heat lotion. The effects aren’t tremendous, but it is more likely that someone with the lotion on will notice it being there more in these places when not in the bronzing bed. It would be wise to keep this in mind when putting the lotion on so that you don’t end up thinking that you are having some kind of bad reaction to the lotion.


The fifty different bronzing agents that are included in this product make it a necessity for anyone who is looking to get the best tan they have ever had in their life. If you have never tried it before, then get one of the trial packets and give it a shot. After you have gone and gotten your tan, you will be just as sold on the product as anyone else who has used it.


tanning lotion

tanning lotion

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Get A Beautiful Bronze Glow With The White 2 Black Tanning Lotion

Make everyone think that you have stepped off from a plane straight from an exotic holiday by getting yourself a gorgeous tan by using tanning lotion. If you are looking for a tanning lotion that will take you there, then look no further than the White 2 Black tanning lotion. Manufactured by Devoted Creations, it is a tanning lotion that will take 3 shades darker in just a single tanning bed session. Powered by many different bronzers, the White 2 Black tanning lotion will give you a no-fuss and no-mess healthy glow without having to jet off to a hidden beach getaway.



tanning lotion

tanning lotion

Not only does it give you a deep bronze color almost immediately, the White 2 Black tanning lotion smells delicious, too. Unlike the typical tanning lotion which smells like creamsicles and coconuts, White 2 Black has a pleasant unisex fragrance aptly named Autumn Nights. The smell reminds many users of light perfume, and is one of the many reasons why most tanning salons find that this product flies off the shelves in no time at all.


Another reason is that White 2 Black has tyrosine, which plays an important part in tan acceleration. Tyrosine increases and activates melanin production. While studies are still being done to verify if this is really true, many expert tanners swear by the use of tyrosine tanning lotions. Not only that, tyrosine moisturizes your skin in the process. Because tanning can severely dehydrate your skin, it is important that you moisturize so your skin looks healthy and smooth.


This is why the White 2 Black tanning lotion also has hemp seed and acai oil to help in moisturizing. Hemp seed oil is a popular moisturizing element in most tanning lotions. It has a lot of linoleic acid that will help you retain moisture and reduce inflammation. Acai oil, on the other hand, is made from the famous acai berries, which are powerful antioxidants that help fight against skin aging.


White 2 Black is also available in individual packets (15 ml). If you are still on the fence about the product, this will help you to test it before buying a bottle of this super advanced deep dark bronzer. Whether you are new to tanning or an old-timer, the White 2 Black tanning lotion is sure to give you a long-lasting glow in no time at all.


tanning lotion

tanning lotion

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Get The Ultamate Tanning Experience With Designer Skin Tanning Lotions

Designer Skin is well known in the tanning industry for carrying large line of tanning lotion products with only the highest quality ingredients to provide the most effective tanning experience. All products made by this company are enriched with vitamins, avocado, safflower or Aloe Vera, to improve the skin’s moisture balance. Other ingredients found are copper peptide to regenerate the skin and alpha-lipoic acid to help fight the signs of aging. With Designer Skin tanning lotions, you receive the darkest tan possible and the best skincare beginning with your very first tanning session.

tanning lotion


One of the biggest advantages Designer Skin offers over its competitors are the special accelerators contained in their products. These accelerators work by increasing the level of melanin in your body,  which gives you a darker pigment. It is important to know that when using these indoor lotions out doors, be sure the lotion contains an SPF or you will need to use a sunscreen with it to prevent being burnt.


Designer Skin released a large variety of lotions in 2011 aimed to help tanner’s of all levels, achieve the best tanning experience. Below is a list of new lotions released by Designer Skin in the year of 2011.

Black Silicone Tan Extender Lotion

Brilliant Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Celebutante Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Epiphany Smart Wave Bronzing Tanning Lotion

Just Say Yes Sunless Tanning Lotion

Liberate Cool Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Little Bronze Biatch Tanning Lotion

More More More Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Obsidian 30X Bronzing Matrix Tanning Lotion

Indoor tanning beds use UV bulbs for faster tanning than outdoor tanning. However, it is important that all tanner’s know that these UV lights can have very similar effects, as outdoor tanning. Be sure to watch the length of time you spend in a tanning bed, just as you would do if you were tanning outdoors and use a good quality lotion like Designer Skin to keep from becoming sunburned and peeling.


Everyone’s skin tone is different. Designer Skin recognizes this difference and caries products for all tanners. From face tanning lotions, lotion with bronzer, tingles, and even sunless tanning lotion, finding the lotion that is right for you is no farther than the Designer Skin tanning lotion counter. Tanning accelerators and after tanning lotion is also available to help enhance you tan and keep your glow for a longer period of time.


tanning lotion

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Black Sunshine Tanning Lotion, A Possible Answer To Your Problems

There is no need to mention how thousands of people around the world are openly and secretly yearning for a well-tanned, bronze and powerfully colored skin, often through using tanning lotion – the figures speak for themselves. Whilst some people resort to sun bathing all summer long in order to achieve the same, others simply shy away from the sun’s UV rays in fear of what these dangerous rays can do to their fragile skin. Tanning is a method most people of color use to achieve the intense color of bronze, whether it is indoors or outdoors. For those who engage in indoor tanning it is a totally different ball game as the cost can be higher than most because of the strength of such lotions. Black Sunshine tanning lotion is one of such products and it has helped thousands of people to attain a level of beauty they can brag about without parting their lips to speak.


A Silent Overview


There are several reasons why this tan lotion is a popular favorite:

Tanning Lotion


1. Excellent lotion/skin interaction. One marked distinction between Black Sunshine tanning lotion, and others like Designer Skin Spellbound, is that Black Sunshine tanning lotion interacts well with the skin. Excellent skin/lotion interaction is very important as it is this interaction that makes absorption possible. Without good absorption achieving bronze colored skin will be almost impossible.


2. Natural results. Like the old age adage says, results speak for themselves. Unlike the fad and duress-driven lotions that give off an unnatural orange-like color, this skin tan lotion is an absolute bronzer that gives you the confidence to frog march yourself into the world of the living without any insecurities.


3. Steady effects. Even though people prefer immediate results, sometimes easy does it. This is because the key to a lasting, good quality tan, is in steady results. Most skin tan lotions that have been recalled have been known to achieve quick but ineffective results, sometimes with violent skin reactions. So when it comes to burning sensations and irritations this lotion knows nothing of the sort.


There is no beating about the bush when it comes to why you need Black Sunshine tanning lotion in your life, the results speak for themselves: excellent absorption that leads to the naturally soothing tan that is free from irritations and burns. So why not give it a try and find out for yourself, instead of pecking on the grapevine like a homeless bird.


Tanning Lotion

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Supre-Prism: A Tanning Lotion That Suits You

Supre - Prism tanning lotionSupre- Prism is a brand of tanning lotion that is considered among the best. It is necessary that anyone who wants to buy a tanning lotion must go in for a lotion that is suitable to his or her skin type. It is also necessary that such lotions contain an anti-ageing ingredient that will pamper the skin. Such ingredients that help in this are the natural ones like aloe vera, hemp seed and C0Q-10 that nourish the skin. Tanning lotions should also contain ingredients that boost collagen and elastin production.

People with very pale skin or one that is very sensitive are best advised to use a basic accelerator if they are using a tanning solution for the first time. They can also use a type of lotion that is called the tingle. It is most effective for tanning and stimulates the skin to cause a reddish color. One does require some patience and fortitude when applying this as it causes an itchy and burning feeling for a few hours. People who have used tanning solutions in the past may prefer to go in for immediate or delayed bronzers. This is a tinted solution and must be applied very evenly for the best effect. Care must be taken to wipe the hands properly after the application as it could other wise lead to hands getting stained. Tanning solution to be applied on the face is different from the one that is applied on the body. This is necessary due to the fact that skin on the face is thinner and much more sensitive. A high moisturizer content is also a must for a tanning lotion and will always be a part of Supre- Prism. Tanning does tend to dry up the skin and this is where the moisturizer will prevent the skin from drying.

The best brands of tanning solution including Supre- Prism do not come cheap, and the skin is something that is so sensitive, that effect and safety is what one should look for before buying any brand of tanning lotion. Tanning lotions are different for use outdoors and indoors. You also need to be sure of the skin type you have before you decide on a tanning lotion. Skin types can be oily, dry or a combination of the two. The skin tone also plays a vital part in such a choice depending on whether the skin is fair, deep or medium. The depth of tan that you are wanting to acquire can also decide on the best tanning solution. Most products assure you of a tan that can last for a maximum of ten days and any longer period will require reapplication of the product. The use of soaps and other lotions can also cause a tan to fade quickly.


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An Overview of John Abate – Titanium Tanning Lotion

John Abate - Titanium tanning lotionJohn Abate International is one of the leading players in the skin care and tanning products segment and its Titanium tanning lotion with Tingle Factor 3+ has taken the market by storm. Like all other products of this range, John Abate- Titanium also comes boosted with the goodness of all natural vitamins, minerals and botanicals that nourish the skin cells while stimulating the production of Keratin to achieve a dark and rich tan.

All the ingredients used in this tanning lotion are of premium quality and combined according to a European formula. John Abate – Titanium tanning enhancer uses minimum amount of preservatives to ensure the health of the skin and at the same time helps in maintaining proper PH balance and cellular hydration. Thus, with the use of this product, you can get a healthy, even and long-lasting tan.

Ingredients that you will find in John Abate- Titanium

This tanning lotion contains high concentration of vitamins and oxygen fuelled tanning accelerating agents that work to achieve a rich and dark tan. The deep tanning action that this product offers is accompanied with a tingling sensation that indicates that the product has gone to work. The silky smooth texture of this tanning lotion helps in even application of the product and leaves behind a wonderful smell of the sea kelp that induces a feeling of freshness.

The key ingredients present in this formulation include Vitamins A, E and B-Complex that act along with the skin oxygenators to provide quick and efficient tanning results. This tanning lotion also contains Tyrosine, a melanin enhancing amino acid that speeds up the tanning process and stimulates the microcirculation of the human skin color pigment to impart a deep and radiant tan.

Since the tanning lotion contains bronzers as well, it is extremely important to avoid contact with eyes and to wash your hands thoroughly after using it. In addition, it is highly recommended that you wear sunscreen over it, as it does not offer any SPF protection.

The tingling sensation associated with John Abate – Titanium

The tingling that sensation accompanied with this tanning enhancer is perfectly normal though it may take some time for a first time user to get used to the same. The tingling is caused by the intense stimulation of the epidermal layer of the skin upon the application of the lotion. This lasts only for a few minutes and may be associated with slight reddening of the skin.

However, the intensity of the same can be reduced significantly by ensuring that there is a gap of at least an hour or more between showering or exercising and the use of this lotion. John Abate- Titanium comes in an attractive package and has a pump nozzle that aids in easy dispensing of the lotion.


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Experience Australian Gold – Sex Magnet Tanning Lotion

Austrian Gold Sex Magnet Tanning LotionIf you have pale skin and are contemplating using a self-tanning lotion to get a golden glow without exposing yourself to the risk of burning your skin or turning red, Australian Gold’s self-tanning products are a safe bet for you. This Australia-based company has been manufacturing a range of indoor tanning lotions, bronzers and advanced skin care products for the last two decades and was the official sponsor of Miss USA pageant for 2011. The bronzers manufactured by this company are especially popular in the market as they offer a deep and rich tan when applied over the base tan. One of the top-selling products in this range is Australian Gold- Sex Magnet that offers a rich caramel color to the skin of the user and makes him or her irresistible to the opposite sex. This tanning lotion is an immediate bronzer worth trying.

What is Australian Gold- Sex Magnet?

Australian Gold- Sex Magnet is essentially a fifth dimension bronzer that is designed to deliver a deep dark color that most tanners want. It comes with a longer lasting formula that ensures that the tan will stay in place for as long as 8 days. This fortified formula also offers instant tanning that gets deeper over the next few hours after application.

What are the key ingredients present in Australian Gold- Sex Magnet?

One of the main ingredients present in this bronzer is Lycopene extract. This carotenoid is responsible for the red color of several fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, watermelons and red oranges and is a powerful anti oxidant as well. Thus, this tanning lotion not only helps in achieving a dark natural tan but also neutralizes the effect of free radicals on the skin and fights various signs of premature aging.

This immediate bronzer is loaded with several other nutrients and minerals as well that are essential to maintain healthy and glowing skin. In addition to that, the intense action moisturizers present in Australian Gold- Sex Magnet keep the skin hydrated and make it satin soft and smooth. The rich green tea and cactus pear fragrance of this bronzer is extremely refreshing and aids in catching the attention of the opposite sex. Moreover, it helps in masking the odor of self-tanners and leaves the person smelling invigorating to say the least.

Directions for using Australian Gold- Sex Magnet

Australian Gold- Sex Magnet should be applied over the base tan to get the best results. It is further recommended that you do not shower immediately after applying it as it takes a few hours to work on the skin and to impart a dark rich tone that you desire. Since this tanning lotion does not come with any built-in sun protection, remember to wear sunscreen over it to protect your skin against the damaging UV rays.


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