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Tempest Tanning Lotion by Designer Skin



Size: 13.5 oz

The Nontingle Heat Ultra dark tanning intensifiers deliver gorgeous color without the use of cosmetic bronzers or DHA. UV activated warming lotion oxygenates the skin but does not contain bronzers or a tingle. High performance tanning lotion delivers high performance results. Antiaging formula helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while antibacterial formula reduces the after tan odor. Moisture rich formula hydrates the skin allowing it to tan easier, and prolonging the life of your tan.

Revel in deep dark color without the worries of DHA, while the exclusive SteamXtreme formula thermodynamically warms your skin for a relaxing soothing sensation.
  • Ultra dark intensifiers without DHA
  • SteamXtreme formula delivers UV activate warming Truffle Tyrosinase helps enhance vivid color
  • Infused with botanical oils, french wine extract and antioxidants
  • Nicotinatefree 


Fragrance: Sexy Cool

Regular Price: $ 60.00

Our Price: $17.50

Availability: In Stock


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