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Sweet and Sexy Secret Reserve Diamond Black

Sweet and Sexy Secret Reserve Diamond Black

Size: 10.1 oz

Let the power of Diamond dazzle you with darkness. Sweet & Sexy Secret Reserve Diamond Black Bronzer is a luxurious dark treat for your fun and flirtatious lifestyle. Rich black bronzers with Diamond Dust and Tantalize Dark Tanning technology provide instant captivating color that hugs your skin for a deeper, darker more natural looking tan.

Gorgeous tanned skin ups your sex appeal tremendously, but what if you could match that dark color with a flawless, radiant finish? That would be tanning perfection, and it's exactly what you'll get with Supre Tan Sweet & Sexy Reserve Diamond Black Bronzer!

The Tantalize Dark Tanning complex in this luxury quality bronzer amps up melanin production, helping you achieve the darkest color imaginable while you tan. The color is instant, so there's no risk of streaks or uneven results. All you'll get is an incredibly dark tan that is guaranteed to turn heads.

The Supre Tan Sweet & Sexy Reserve Diamond Black Bronzer contains real diamond dust, adding to its luxurious effects on the skin. This dust reflects the light once on the skin, so that skin imperfections become less visible and your skin has a radiant glow.

Featuring real floral oils, the bronzer has a sweet smell and is packed with skin care ingredients to moisturize your skin.

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