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Raspberry Rush lip Balm by Fiesta Sun

Raspberry Rush Lip Balm

Raspberry Rush Lip Balm

Size: .15 oz

SPF 15 Raspberry Rush flavored lip balm. 

When you're applying your tanning lotion prior to your session, it's important not to forget about your lips! The delicate tissue in the lip area is extremely susceptible to sunburn and can quickly become dehydrated without proper protection. 

Fortunately, you can effectively protect your lips every time you tan with Fiesta Sun RASPBERRY RUSH Lip Balm, a formula developed specifically with tanners in mind! The formula is ideal for both indoor and outdoor tanning and can also soothe lips that are irritated from windburn or chronic dryness.

The Fiesta Sun RASPBERRY RUSH Lip Balm contains two FDAapproved sunscreens: octinoxate 7.5 and oxybenzone 3.5. The lip balm has SPF 15 protection and has a yummy raspberry flavor. The formula also features 42 petrolatum, a skin protectant that prevents dehydration while you tan. Emollients are added to soften the lips and make them completely kissable.

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