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Naked Truth tanning lotion by Fiji Blend

Naked Truth

Naked Truth

Size: 10.1 oz

All Natural Tanning Nourishment Strip down to the bare essentials with Naked Truth All Natural Tanning Nourishment. This luscious, organic blend infuses skin with ingredients found only in nature for optimum tanning results. Vegetan, Magnalys and Moringa uncover a powerful dark tan while rich Passion Fruit, Himalayan Raspberry Extract and Rice Milk provide intense hydration. Wasabi and Green Tea extracts deliver spectacular antioxidant skin care for a beautiful, healthy glow. Expose yourself to Naked Truth and reveal a more true and darker you!

Fiji Blend Naked Truth will help you achieve an excellent tan with the help of organic ingredients.

Creates a dark tan with ingredients such as Moringa, Vegatan, and Magnalys.

Hydrates skin with Rice Milk, Passion Fruit, and Himalayan Raspberry Extract.Fights aging and creates healthy skin with Green Tea and Wasabi extracts.

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