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Jwoww One and Done Moisturizer by Australian Gold

Jwoww One and Done Moisturizer

Jwoww One and Done Moisturizer

Size: 10 oz

A moisturizer that does it all, finally! A dramatic combination of ingredients hydrate ensuring that sexy glow lasts all day and all night. Give your body a workout with Silhouette Shapeup that tightens and contours for perfect curves. New Kendi Oil combined with Jenni’s Signature Skincare Blend guarantees soft, smooth skin that feels refreshed and relaxed perfect for those with a hectic schedule. Step into the spotlight and prepare for your red carpet debut with this allnew, skinquenching moisturizer.

  • Silhouette Shapeup: A healthy brew of caffeine firms and tones skin to keep you looking fit
  • Kendi Oil: Natural Extract that softens and radiates skin without leaving a greasy afterfeel
  • InkDrink™ Complex: Shea Butter, rich in Vitamin A and E, combine with Beeswax and Raspberry to give tattoos a healthy gulp of rejuvenation and restoration
  • Jenni’s Signature Skincare Blend: Scrumptious Yogurt base is infused with Pear and Black Currant Oil for visibly smooth and delicious skin

Fragrance: Coastal Coconut

Regular Price: $ 36.00

Our Price: $19.95

Availability: In Stock


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