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CT Seven Accelerator tanning lotion by California Tan

CT Seven  Accelerator

CT Seven Accelerator

Size: 7 oz

  Size:7 oz.

This advanced Step 1 Accelerator delivers a powerful combination of intelligence and balance, with a high IQ that targets the skin's seven key components to an exceptional tan for the fastest longest lasting tanning results possible.

Savvy Seven: Oxygen, Copper, Zinc, H2O, Electrolytes, and AntiOxidants believed to be the seven key components to reaching skin homeostasis where performance can reach its optimal level for maximum tan development.

SMART Technology picks up skin signals to deliver and fine tune the Savvy Seven throughout the skin where they are needed to accelerate tanning performance.

Xtreme Tanning Catalyst, XTC, creates a synergistic fusion of energy, vitamins, proteins, and oxygen, encouraging skin to perform more efficiently.

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