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Citrus Burst Packet

Citrus Burst Packet

Size: Packet

Citrus Burst Natural Bronzers provide streak-free golden color while antioxidant rich skin energizing blend awakes and revitalizes your skin with moisture

  • Citrus Blend with vitamins A, C and E help energize and revitalize skin for a smooth and radiant finish.
  • Colorburst Complex helpx provide deep golden color.
  • Natural streak-free bronzers including Black Walnut and Kukui Nut allow skin to continue to darken after UV exposure for a longer lasting tan.

So you want to give your skin a blast of color, do you? Do you want that color with or without streaks? If it's a streak-free finish that you're after, you don't have to compromise your desire to go as dark as possible. With Supre Tan Citrus Burst Dark Tanning Natural Bronzer, you don't have to choose between flawless results and incredible coloration. That's because this formula contains an optimized blend of natural bronzers that increases your skin's tanning potential and helps your cells make as much as melanin as possible. The bronzers are so powerful that there's no need for added DHA, so you won't see a single streak along with your gorgeous color.

Each time you apply Supre Tan Citrus Burst Dark Tanning Natural Bronzer, you'll blast your skin with vitamins to help it resist the development of signs of aging and keep it glowing and gorgeous. Moisturizers are also included in the formula to help your skin stay silky and soft.

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