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Devoted Creations Berry Tan Crunch DHA FREE Natural Bronzing Blend 8.5 oz

Berry Tan Crunch Bronzer

Berry Tan Crunch Bronzer

Size: 8.5 oz

For dark, quick tanning results look no further. Berry Tan Crunch mixes Milk, Honey & Sugar to ensure your skin stays soft, smooth and hydrated. Vitamin C & E are blended with almond oil to repair and sooths the skin. The natural bronzers in Berry Tan Crunch will leave you streak free, stain free and make you the captain of color!


• Natural bronzing blend for a streakfree/ stainfree bronzed result

• Skin softening and hydrating

• Blemish fighting • Vitamins C & E

• Natural and cosmetic bronzers combine to give delayed and immediate bronzed results to the skin without streaking or staining.

• Milk & Honey – Soothe and soften to calm blemish prone skin • Sugar – Gently exfoliates to remove dead skin cells

• Almond Oil – Naturally keeps skin hydrated

• Vitamins C & E Repair dry and damaged skin.

Crunch Berry Fragrance

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