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Beach Kings Packet

Beach Kings Packet

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Beach Kings 100X Black Bronzer for men utilizes ultra dark tanning ingredients for the optimum shade of bronze.

  • Advanced skin conditioning in a coconut milk base
  • Tattoo enhancing complex, so your ink looks fresh and bright
  • DHA-Free and Paraben-Free 

You won't settle for anything less than being king at the beach this summer, but how can you get a royal tan with your busy schedule? When you can't wait around for tanning results to slowly develop, make Tan Inc Beach Kings 100X Black Bronzer for Men for your tanning session. This bronzer magnifies your skin's tanning power by up to 100 times, so that you can get royally black from head to toe much more quickly. The formula is free of DHA, so there's never a risk for streaks.

With Tan Inc Beach Kings 100X Black Bronzer for Men, you won't have to worry about your tattoos looking faded when you hit the beach this summer. The protective ingredients in the formula make a shield over the skin, so that your body art won't fade in the tanning bed. Coconut milk moisturizers your skin, making it less likely to peel after your intense tanning session and leaving it soft so the ladies will want to touch.

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