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Playboy Beach Bunny Bronze Extreme

Beach Bunny Bronze

Beach Bunny Bronze

Size: 8 oz

Instant Color Beads

Sweet summer wishes & midnight kisses. Toes in the sand & beach bunny tans.... the perfect summer bronze all year long! Absorbs immediately to hyper accelerate the first stage of your skins natural tanning process. Contains Unipertan infused with an amino called tyrosine that stimulates melanin production the very moment it touches your skin to allow maximum color results during a session.

Super Black Bronzer and our sunless micro bronzing beads.

These 2 natural bronzers are the perfect bronzing duo:

  • The super black bronzer gives you 12 shades of bronze color depth as the bronzing beads simultaneously burst creating an extra level of bronze for that perfectly toned right off the beach bronze! Skin spoiling antiaging synthesis to invigorate & re hydrate skin cells. 
  • Rich exotic botanical oils replenish & balance moisture and PH levels for visibly more radiant healthy looking skin. 

Let The Endless Summer Begin...


Fragrance Modern Citrus Floral

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