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12 Pro Tan Pkts

12 Pro Tan Pkts

Size: 4 Pkts Each

Love Drunk Packet....Super Black Bronzing Creamy Oil Get Bronzed Beyond The Legal Limit! Get ready to let loose with our ultra sheen, fast absorbing 50X ultra dark bronzer with intoxicating maximizers! Our unique Super Black Bronzing formula takes your tan to a new unimaginable level. This stain free bronzer is made up of a high power, fast acting accelerator blend that is sure to leave your skin wanting more. Besides moisturizing your skin while you are tanning, you get the added bonus of our CX2 skin firming complex leaving your skin looking younger and firmer.

Bad Romance Packet....Black Bronzing Creamy Oil with Powerful Maximizers, 50X StreakFree Bronzers along with Skin Firming & Toning Complexes. High Power , Fast Action Accelerating Blend

My One And Only Packet...50X Streak free bronzing tan amplifier accelerates the UV stimulated color process during each session plus 7 day residual sunless bronzer develops additional color for up to a week after each session. Dynamic antiaging synthesis energizes skin cells for noticeably more vibrant healthy looking skin.


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