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Devoted Creations Packets Tanning Lotion

12 Devoted Creations Grp2 Packets

12 Devoted Creations Grp2 Packets

Size: 4 of Each

Spiked and Seductive Packet

  • Cashmere Extracts Bathe the skin in continuous hydration leaving it silky, soft and smooth.
  • Rapid Release DHA airbrush bronzers allow for the most natural looking, quick and even bronze color.
  • Body FitTM Technology Reduces the appearance of cellulite and restores firmness.
  • PhyToCelltecTM Protects the longevity of skin while combating signs of chronological aging & preserving the youthful look of skin.
  • FreshTekTM Technology a proprietary blend of deodorizing and skin freshening ingredients.
  • Airbrush Look with rapid release DHA bronzers
  • Diamond Dust skin perfectors
  • Paraben/ Gluten/ Nut/ & Oil Free
  • Antiaging & skin firming benefits of Phytocelltec, Renovage & Cell LD
  • SunXtend color extending formula
  • Works during and after your tanning session to facilitate the natural tanning process

Fragrance: Seductive Dark Orchid


Bronze Confessions Packet

Mysteriously dark DHA free bronzers bask the skin in flawless dark color that is unmatched by anything on the market. This provocative formula is infused with Black Silicone and Champagne Extracts for the softest skin.

  • StreakFree / StainFree DHA Free natural bronzers
  • Black Silicone Blend
  • Provides Antiaging and Skin Firming benefits with RevitaFit, Body Fit and advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6™
  • Oil Absorbing Formula
  • Champagne
  • Potent antioxidant extracts
 Orchid Noir Fragrance


Diamond Status Packet

Precious gems and CC crème technology conceals skin imperfections.  Auto darkening ingredients will help your skin break through your tanning plateau while providing the most optimal dark tan.

CC Crème Color Correcting Technology

• Low Level Maintenance Bronzers
• Cashmere Blend 24 Hour Hydration system 
• Repairs cell damage and increases collagen production for firmer, younger looking skin
• AntiAging & skin firming benefits of Phytocelltec, Renovage & Cell LD
• SunXtend color extending formula 
• Works during and after your tanning session to facilitate the natural tanning process
• Cellulite fighting and toning formula

Midnight Blackberry Fragrance

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