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Designer Skin Bronzer tanning lotion Pkts

12 Designer Skin Bronzer 2013 Pkts

12 Designer Skin Bronzer 2013 Pkts

Size: 4 Pkts Each

Splurge Pkt.....19X DS ProBronze Extend Bronzing technology combines the finest instant and delayed bronzers with Pure Solar Peptides for optimal results after one session. Bedazzling Gem Blend of Diamond, Pearl, Turquoise and Opal extracts each provide skin with its own unique skin conditioning power for beautifully radiant skin. Designer Skin Exclusive DreamWear Silicone Emulsion helps provide intense hydration, while magically blurring fine lines to leave skin feeling velvety soft!

Sweet Lime Citrus Fragrance


Pretty and Reckless Pkt.....Pretty and Reckless, a daring combination that’s not for the faint of heart. Potent tan activators provide deeper and longer lasting color, faster than you can say, “Heartbreaker”. Prefer parties to beauty sleep? Skin Rehab™ Technology will keep your skin rejuvenated and fresh, even after an allnighter. Laced with AntiFade Tattoo Protection to keep your permanent fashion accessory bright and vibrant! Being Reckless never looked this Pretty. •Skin Rehab™ Technology contains antioxidants to help detoxify skin from free radicals •AntiFade Tattoo Protection helps protect against wavelengths that can discolor and fade tattoos •Enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E for unmatched moisturization

Fragrance: Champange & Hibiscus


Coco De Ville Pkt.....Give into your champagne wishes and coconut dreams! Let the divine taste sensation of crushed pineapple and coconut transport you to a luxurious island getaway. Bask in decadence with the finest DHA and natural bronzers to leave skin sun drenched and coconut kissed! What could be more glamorous? Mwah! Camu Camu Bronzing Complex and DHA combine to impart an exotic island glow Powerful antioxidants fend against free radicals and help promote collagen production Loaded with Caffeine to firm and tone, so you'll look as good as you taste!

Fragrance: Crushed Pineapple & Coconut                   


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