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Extreme bronzer blended with exotic blackening ingredients infused with antioxidants. For tanners who crave the darkest of darkest tans!



Extreme Situation is the ultimate bronzer that just gets you black! It is formulated with multiple tanning accelerators to stimulate the tanning process for that deep, dark natural looking tan.



Shade Shifting Technology perfectly blends bronzers for instant color & long lasting dark tan results.

Coconut Oil to moisturize and prevent dry skin.

Unipertan: accelerates body's natural tanning properties.




Black Magic Oil was created for the advanced tanner who has reached a plateau and cannot get any darker. This unique non greasy, nonstaining  Hot Tingle formulation was developed for the person who likes the feel of an oil without the oil.

Smoke Platinum’s exclusive O2 Dark Tanning System with Oxygen Technology helps to enhance the tanning process for dramatically dark results.  Incorporating the latest in tanning technology with innovative skincare ingredients Smoke Platinum Maximizer provides exceptional color and skin hydration.

Brown Sugar Bare with 99 Elite Bronzing Max Silicones will give you excellent results very fast. so exquisite, even your sexiest attire is a mere hindrance to the beauty that lies beneath. You want results? You want Brown Sugar Bare. On Sale $17.50

EZ Tan helps increase your Melanin production by the oxidation of the amino acid Tyrosine which is greatly enhanced when exposed to ultra violet light, so you are able to achieve a faster longer lasting tan thus maximizing your tanning sessions.

Tingle/Bronzer Feeling heart broken by those who vowed devoted bronze splendor? Betrayal Ultra Advanced 14 (XIV) Bronzing Blend. This Intense Sizzle Formula awakens a dark fury unleashed in the richness of Red Wine Extracts to embrace and replenish skin.

On Sale $29.95

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Why Use a Tanning Lotion?

Healthy skin is the foundation of a successful tan, and a sunless tanning lotion allows you go get that tan without the harmful drying effects of the sun. Skin that is not dry or flaky will hold a tan longer. Use tanning products such as sunless tanning lotions, self tanning creams and lotions, or tanning sprays for that Instant Cruise tan!"

Benefits of using indoor tanning Supplies

An indoor tanning bed lotion, self tanning products, and sprays are very important tools you can use to develop your best sunless tan. These lotions are very convenient and work great. Using the right tanning products and protective moisturizers Protects your skin from damage. In a tanning salon the rays are very intense, enabling you to get a tan in a short time.

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