Are you looking for a Tanning Lotion to help you get great tanning results? Tanning Lotion Outlet introduces the latest in All The New Tanning Lotions for Optimal Color development and Healthy Looking Skin. Whether you want the Ultimate in advanced tanning technology or an energizing Tanning experience, Our products will deliver results you are sure to Love. It's The Real Thing at Half the Price!  Guaranteed Authentic


2016 Lotions

Australian Gold

Body Drench

California Tan

Cotton Candy

Designer Skin

Devoted Creations

Ed Hardy

50 Variety of Packets

Only $49.95

Flamin Hot  $37.50




Bejeweled by Playboy

Only $19.95

Tangerine Splash by Squeeze


    Smoke Platinum

    Maximizer $27.95

    Solid Black


    Risque Ritual


  Cypher                Optimizer





       14 Karat Gold


     Nitro Black


Black Sugar Secret Reserve



        Be Loved


Coco Nutty Tini


X Power Tan Booster